About Us

The Tapisserie de l'Apocalypse Collection was created to shine a spotlight on the unlimited potential each and every human being has.

The Tapestry itself is a unique work of art and science created in a time period we do not usually view as being high tech. However, the amount of design, engineering, art, and sophistication that was required to build it is demonstrative of the reality that people truly have unlimited potential if they put their mind to it and work toward a goal with tireless effort.

This line of clothing and personal effects is meant to serve as a statement that you make to others, declaring yourself  a herald of truth and a harbinger of that which is oft unseen but greatly visible for those who choose to look.

Testimony to the unlimited potential of mankind while also highlighting the ultimate struggle between good and evil and the final days we will all one day face, our clothing line empowers you to be the very statement you want to make.

“When I had the opportunity to view the Tapestry, I was awestruck. Given that I have great interest in the Apocalypse (also known as the Book of Revelation) along with various end time’s themes and prophesies surrounding the beast of revelation, creating this unique line of clothing and home furnishings just seemed like a natural extension of what I do.”

– Jim Aloye